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best birth cotrol pill for breast enlargement?
22 Replies
jolyajones - February 27

i don't believe this procedure of birth control pills. it just increase your breast so try to natural and safe way to make breast bigger. if you taking some pills for growing breast then you achieve your goals for pills.but if you leave it then your breast will become in normal size and risk factor are also involve. so adopt a naturally way of growing breast.


BrandyCottrill - April 10

Yeah birth controls pills help breast enlargement but it is not permanent. Your breasts get back to normal when you stop taking the pills. As far as I know, the only way to get bigger breasts is by getting breast implants. Massage and exercises do help to an extent but it will not give great result as you except, also it takes time. My elder sister got breast implants 2 years before in a clinic in Toronto. Dr. Ronald Levine was her surgeon. She was the only one in our family with flat chest and getting breast implants has always been her dream. Now she has got fuller breasts and she is more than happy with them.


Glennis - May 1

I totally agree that these pills only work temporarily and can also cause many side effects. If you really want bigger breast, implants are much safer choice.


esmejake - October 1

I too heard that breast size will increase after taking birth control pills but if you stop taking pills then your breast size will go back to its normal size. I researched a lot before as my condition was similar to yours. So one of my friends suggested to go for a breast augmentation surgery. I took the help of my aunt who lives in Windsor and got it done from The Cosmetic Breast Surgery Centre in her locality. I’m so happy with my surgery. I think you should also go for a breast augmentation surgery so that you could get a big and attractive boobs. Consult with an experienced surgeon in your locality.


KarlaBonne - October 24

increase your breast size easily just try to use boob pop which is help you to make your breast bigger and growing i am using that same product I’m so glad I found boob pop! It definitely made a difference the 1st month that I tried it. My husband is loving the results & I want to keep on taking it till im satisfied with my breast size


Shahrzadm - January 27

Dear Laurel
What is boob pop?
Could u explain more about it?


IsabelleLosereit - February 21

After using Boobpop people have definitely noticed my breasts are bigger and I absolutely love them and can't wait for more increase. Highly recommend Boobpop and it works!!!!



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