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Mirena removal for copper coil insertion
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jaymckae - April 4

Hello everyone

I had the Mirena coil inserted in August 2010. The insertion wasn't *too bad*, I didn't take any pain killers and it was uncomfortable and it definitely helps to breathe as though in labour (I haven't had a child, I'm just going with the movies). However the side effects have been HORRENDOUS! I am emotional, depressed, moody, cramp all the time, loss of libido, and a weight gain of 2 stone (in 8 months), I also have no energy and feel tired all the time, which isn't helping the weight gain. I am so fed up, I just want the old me back.

I am going on Wednesday to have the copper coil inserted, I really wish I could just rely on condoms, but we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment :) So as I have tried the mirena, depo provera, oral pill (microgynon and cilest), and implanon, I fell it is my duty to the contraceptive experts to give it a bash! I feel the non-hormonal route is the best option for me, I am turning into one crazy bitch, don't know how anyone puts up with me.

I am praying to God that I am successful with this, I can cope with the pain (as long as it's not the whole month) and if it means I can lose weight and get my normal mood back then I'll be extremely happy!! As will my boyfriend :)

Just to add, I have given each contraceptive a fair shot and have spent at least 1 year on most, apart from the Mirena. I am 24 years old and have not had any children, in case anyone wanted to know my background.

I will let you all know how I get on, please please please wish me luck!!


jaymckae - April 6

I wanted to give everyone my experience of having the mirena coil removed and copper coil inserted to replace it, to hopefully give a positive opinion.

The removal was a complete breeze, honestly - the Doctor asked me to cough and she whipped it out! I didn't feel one thing :)

The insertion of the copper coil was fine, slightly crampy but it really wasn't much more unpleasant than a smear test. The measuring of the womb is kind of nippy, but I honestly didn't find it bad at all. I had taken a couple of Ibuprofen about 2 hours before my appointment, so I recommend doing this!

The rest of the day, I felt great. My mood has been uplifted, and I feel so happy, although I'm not sure if this is psychosomatic as I had a terrible time on the mirena. I carried on as normal and was quite active, after having it fitted, and I am not having any problems. I have had some spotting, and a little bit of period type cramp but at the first instance of this, I have taken painkillers and it hasn't amounted to much :)

I am worried that I am 'speaking too soon', and I will report back with any other issues I have, I am also keeping a diary to check how my mood/weight etc has changed since the removal of mirena. If this coil works, I will be the happiest girl alive as I have had so much trouble with every other method.



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