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Just been diagnosed
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talli - September 5

Hey everyone.
I`m 24, got married a fortnight ago and found out I have PCOS a couple of days ago. Its been a majorly stressful time!
We`ve been TTC for about 9 months and figured it was probably time to get checked over.
I feel completely heartbroken. All my friends have suddenly got pregnant (even though they werent trying) and I feel really quite useless.
Im overweight (morbidly obese if you go by the NHS which I personally think is tosh) and I`ve always been happy with my figure. But I`m now faced with having to loose 6 stone to get to my 'healthy weight'. I`ve never dieted really before, I`ve always and still am happy with who I am.
But I want children more than love handles. So...
is it really that hard to loose the weight if you have PCOS? I`m pretty sure I can stick to a diet but I have no job so I can`t afford to go swimming and I have other health issues which makes it difficult to walk/run (not weight related btw)

Sorry for the huge post. I just feel really lost atm, my mum lives 200 miles away, my friends are all preggers so I don`t wanna talk to them about it and my husband has autism so doesnt really 'get' talking about feelings.


simonaderson - September 10

The Mediterranean diet is tasty
Generally during a diet most people think it's boring and difficult because you have to eat not tasty foods. The Med diet it's not so. The main foods are healthy and tasty.
The Mediterranean diet is a long term diet
Most diet fails because they promise you (and they'll do...) to loose weight fast, but after you loose it, you'll gain it soon. The Mediterranean diet guarantees you long term weight maintenance.


simonaderson - September 10

I have experienced two different miscarriages and, yes, in my experiences symptoms did stop, but in both my cases I had some minor bleeding like spotting.



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