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Dino - March 31

Hi! I feel a little bit trapped, ladies. This is the main reason why I decided to write here. I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve nearly a year ago. Firstly, I started to have some problems with my periods. They started to come irregularly. I thought it was because of my work. I have a very stressful work. Sometimes, I have to work overtime. I thought it all influenced on my health. But a real despair came when my hubby and I started to TTC. We spent nearly a year trying for a baby. Then I consulted my gyny. Various tests and an unsuccessful IVF showed that my main problem is a low ovarian reserve. We wanted to try one more IVF with donor eggs. We got interested in one clinic. Now I’m going to share my feedback about this clinic. We contacted this clinic via email, and two weeks ago we visited it. The clinic is situated overseas (exactly, in Ukraine). When we came to Ukraine, we were met at the airport by a very courteous driver. Then we were taken to a nice apartment to have some rest. The following day, a driver took us to the clinic, and this was the end of the things we liked about this clinic. It turned to be a tiny clinic located in a small private villa. When we entered the hall we were surprised to see large queues everywhere. There wasn’t even a vacant place to stand. Some people were even sitting on the stairs. We saw loads of couples with newly born children there. Some of them were crying and it made the atmosphere in the clinic unbearable… A cold and unfriendly administrator told us that our manager in charge is busy, so we have to wait our turn. Overall, we waited nearly 2 hours before the manager came into the clinic hall and invited us to see a doctor. The doctor who spoke with us seemed to be a real expert, but she treated us so formally…. We’ve decided not to sign up a contract yet, and went back home.
P.S. We visited another Ukrainian clinic in Kiev. The things were different there… Extremely polite and friendly administrator, very understandable and sympathizing doctor and empty clinic hall. There were no queues and noise. The atmosphere is very calm and even frightening. Now I have one question: both clinics suit us, but we don’t know which one to choose: a noisy or quiet one??? Maybe, there is anybody here who has got an egg donation in Ukraine??? Please share your experience with me.


GoldLady - April 13

Hi, hun. I’m really sorry to hear about your struggles of getting pregnant. I think you should follow your gut in this case. As far as I know, you disliked both of these clinics. For me, it’s better to quit both of them. If I were in your shoes, I would also try to find some feedbacks about the clinic on various fertility forums. You may also try to get some information about their success rates.


Dino - April 21

Before choosing this clinic, we did do our homework. We visited loads of fertility forums and this clinic seemed to be quite reputable. We liked the egg donation packages they offer. Especially, their prices: we can’t offer treatment in luxurious fertility clinics. However, the clinic turned to be so overcrowded. It made us so puzzled.


Flame - May 8

Hi, dear. I think you should pay more attention to the clinic’s success rates. There are some special sites where you can check this. Especially, check whether they offer eggs of young egg donors. Occytes of 18-25 years old women are considered to be the most effective. It’s better to deal with the clinic that tests the egg donor’s health condition and checks her heredity. You may find quite a lot of information on the net, but it’s always better to check everything twice before doing anything.


Dino - June 23

I quite understand what you mean, dear. However, the clinic seems to be quite reputable one. According to the contract they offered us to sign up, the clinic deals only with the egg donors who are 18-25 years old. All egg donors have to pass through a rigorous medical checkup like health tests and the heredity check. They use eggs only of those women who are totally healthy and who are mums of at least one healthy child. They would deal with a lady if her parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings are totally healthy. This is the way they choose egg donors for their clients. What do you think about it?


GoldLady - July 7

Hi, Dino. Firstly, I should say that I quite like the way they’re going to choose an egg donor for you. I’ve also read somewhere that oocytes of young ladies are considered to be the best for DE IVF. In addition, they are going to test the lady in different ways and even check her heredity. All these things sound quite professionally. However, I have one more question to you… Could you please tell me how they are going to choose an egg donor for your DE IVF program? Will you be able to see the photo of this woman?


sarahtine25 - July 11

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Dino - July 23

Before visiting the clinic for the first time, they require you to send them a short description of the woman who would suit you as an egg donor. You have to specify her height, weight, hair and eye color. Our program manager told us that they have a very large donor’s database. They usually use a special software to find an appropriate egg donor. If you sign up a contract with them, you’ll be able to see 3D photos of egg donors. This is the way the clinic chooses egg donors for their clients. What do you think about it?


Dino - July 31

Seeing a 3D photo of the egg donor seems to be a nice option. As far as I know, not all fertility clinics are ready to provide such a service, so it’s really great that they offer you a chance to glimpse at the donor’s 3D photo. However, will they charge any additional fees for this. As far as I know, some fertility clinics do this. What about the clinic you’ve got interested in? Do they offer you any optional services?
P.S. I have a close friend who went to Spain. They liked the clinic and the their initial prices, but optional services nearly emptied their bank account.



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