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My periods have just stopped!!?
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vicky180 - September 2

Im 22 years old and I haven't had a period for 3 months now, Before then they were always regular, same time every month etc, its really getting me down as my partner and I were hoping to try for a baby. To start with I took around 5 pregnancy tests but all came back negative, I then had a pregnancy blood test done which also came back negative, Ive had various other blood tests done now, progesterone, thyroid, liver function, diabetes, different hormone tests and they have all come back normal, except one which gave a slightly higher reading for testosterone level, this made my doctor think that my problem was PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) however after having a scan around 4 weeks ago now this was ruled out, they did however say that I had one 3cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary and that they couldn't get a clear picture of my right side however all looked normal. At first I though this was the cause however the doctor told me that even if the cyst was causing there to be enough pressure on my left ovary to stop my period the right side should have kicked in as they take it in turns every month. So again I have no answers as to whats happening with my body, I am overweight, I weigh around 16 stone, therefore I thought this could also be the reason but the doctor has told me that im not in this category yet as im not morbidly obese and that the fact I have always been big and my period has always been normal suggests otherwise aswell and I am not under any serious stress. So if anyone has been through i similar thing and can suggest anything please feel free


simonaderson - September 13

Many women stop menstruating completely from oral BCP. chances are if you took your pills as directed you are not pregnant.



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