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old_lady - November 5th 5:44 AM

hi ladies! i have had experienced night sweats at an early age of 42, i am now 70 and still getting them. i just wonder if any of you here experienced this or a friend of yours. i also wanted to know how is it going with them.

maTilda - November 9th, 4:42 AM

how old were you when you had menopause?this is the first time i heard about this and not quite sure about the answer. hopefully, someone here can answer your question.

old_lady - November 10th, 2:09 PM

i had menopaused at the age of 55. so it's been 15 years. is hot flashes for good? T__T

felecity - November 11th, 10:10 AM

i know at this point of your life, hot flashes tends to subside. but i also do think that women continue to experience night sweats even after menopause.

izzy - December 17th, 2:12 PM

it is very unusual that you are still suffering from hot flushes. i think you should seek medical attendance. maybe you need treatment to help it diminished for good.

samsam - December 17th, 2:26 PM

that is awful! i feel for you old_lady. i hope you will discover a way to deal with it. for the meantime, it will be a best option to consult this to your doctor. good luck!

deborah - December 17th, 3:40 PM

consider black cohosh, it will help you with your problem. supplements like vitB12 can also help. regular exercise and healthy diet is a big factor.

denise - December 18th, 10:51 AM

is your hot flushes still intense as before?
i think you should just stick with that!
don't wont too much, it will pass soon.

maggie - December 18th, 1:59 PM

there are a lot of supplements and treatments for hot flushes. too bad i can't give advice since i myself haven't found any relieve :(


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