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very painful sex, permanent cystitis
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angie55 - February 16

Hi, I have been suffereing in silence for 12 months, I have let my hubby have sex even though Ive secretly known its going to hurt then hours later get cystitus, but I can no longer stand the pain, Ive now told him, he was cross at first as Id kept it from him, he understands to a point but I have now lost my libdo and have no interest whats so ever, he expects me to releive him and I really dont want to im having to force myself .i just wish he would leave me alone. I have tried every gel going and i have been to the doctors he gave me a very painful examination and after I was in shock due to the pain and it made me feel sick. he gave me Hrt suppositarys , so for 2 weeks I did as he asked , then oh boy after 3 days my mood changed from a placid person into a very very angry lady. I stopped useing them, my mood is now back to normal. Please what have you all done . Ive got cystitus again and all we did was have a fumble, the nurse wants to do a smear this friday but theres no way I can have it, its like they dont understand when you say , IT HURTS TO MUCH ! Im considering HRT but worried about the side effects please as anyone got through this x


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