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Just to be sure
8 Replies
Honeydee - October 18

I'd like to ask if having sex during pregnancy will cause miscarriage? Thanks.


Nannywiz - October 19

There is not much evidence that sex during first trimester pregnancy caused miscarriage although there are instances that sex during third trimester may cause preterm labor.


bluesclues - October 19

i don't feel comfortable having sex during pregnancy. i would feel scared and worried that it might harm the baby. don't you think it is impractical to do that while you are pregnant?


Lydia - October 19

I think this is just another myth about pregnancy and miscarriage. My OB shared to me this question and it has no proven study whatsoever that it would cause miscarriage although it is really uncomfortable having sex while pregnant.


Amor Vander - October 19

I think it will only cause miscarriage if the mother has cervical disorder that may be risky for the pregnancy. I think talking it over with your doctor would help a lot.


Brightcurve - October 19

No, having sex will not cause miscarriage. Although in some cases it is advised to refrain from having sex but it is not the main reason for miscarriage.


MarieLD - October 20

I've heard a lot of mothers having miscarriage because if having sex. I certainly believe it is not the main reason why they miscarried. On the other hand, maybe parents can just make a little sacrifice during pregnancy for it maybe not that easy for the mother having sex while pregnant.


Honeydee - October 22

All your posts are very helpful. I agree with the discomfort of having sex while pregnant but such can't be avoided at times and I'm glad that most of your posts says it will not cause mc.


ginger - October 23

i heard some OB would suggest having sex to initiate labor during the final weeks of pregnancy. what is the explanation for that?



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