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low protein in the placenta
12 Replies
goldengirl - November 24

i miscarried last 16th of nov. due to reduced protein in the placenta. i was kind of confused and hurt about it because the cause was something i was not informed about. to be honest i did not understand what causes such.


VANESSA - November 24



cRoWdEdRoOm - November 24

Low anti-clotting protein is very common during the first trimester. It is usually a result of some pregnancy complications experienced during the previous pregnancies.


goldengirl - November 25

it was my first miscarriage and i was not really informed if i had clotting problems or what. what are the possible causes of this and how can we prevent such?


Kisses - November 26

Thrombophilia or clotting disorders can be inherited or acquired later in life.


realtime - November 26

it is more on inherited than acquired. this can be prevented but oftentimes it has no symptoms at all.


merci_rey - November 26

could be very dangerous. in your case goldengirl, did you not have certain signs of this disorder?


goldengirl - December 1

i can't remember any signs at all. maybe if i was informed beforehand or if it was detected earlier then i would have notice some signs.


Trina^^ - December 1

Is there no procedure to know this kind of disorder at the early stage of pregnancy?


Imhere - December 1

I think it may cause some cramps because of the blood clots. Procedure in order to detect such? I think a transvaginal ultrasound maybe applicable.


Kisses - December 2

Feeling of cramps is common if there are blood clots. I'm not sure about the tests, what test did you have goldengirl?


strawberry - December 8

how about if you eat high protein food in order to avoid this trouble, will it help?


Amanda - December 9

I think there is a vitamin for the mother to take in order to increase protein intake.



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