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Things to do to avoid Miscarriage
5 Replies
Xpressbaby - October 12

There are a lot of things being advised to us to do in order to avoid miscarriage. One of the most common is bedrest, which I think is not really that effective. What other things that your OB or midwife advised you to do and how effective is it?

worthway - October 18

i don't really get what you meant here but so far as I've understood here is that you are asking about the things that you should avoid while pregnant. one thing is to avoid being stressed for it may cause mc or drinking alcohol or smoking. avoiding those things may help avoid mc.

Nannywiz - October 19

Got a little confused too. I think there is another thread that also talks about things to avoid during pregnancy so as to avoid miscarriage. Try to check on it, I just can't remember the title.

Xpressbaby - October 23

Well, I just like to know the things that doctors advise other mothers to cope with their pregnancy. I am expecting some ways that are not very common like the other thread have.

SuReBabY - November 9

But there are times that one procedure for one mother is not applicable to the other. the most important thing is being healthy and appropriate to be pregnant. Proper timing and guidance throughout the pregnancy.

goldengirl - November 26

I think a mother or the parents should take the responsibility of having the proper education first before planning of having a baby. This one basic thing can help avoid miscarriage.


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