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Oral sex and herpes
43 Replies
Lelouch - November 19

The time it takes for STDs to show up in tests varies from 1 day to 3 months, depending on the particular STD.


ginger - November 19

a bacterial STD such as gonorrhea might take only a day to develop, but it can take upto three months for the body to produce enough HIV antibodies to show up in a test.


bluechick - November 20

you shouldn't wait three months after a possible exposure to get tested although it takes three months for some STDs to show up in tests


Lelouch - November 20

Come in to get tested right away if you have any symptoms of STDs . Even if you don't have any symptoms, common bacterial STDs like chlamydia and gonorrheacan be easily and quickly detected and treated a short time after exposure.


Oblivion - November 20

Your health care provider may recommend that you come back in for a follow-up appointment later if she or he thinks that additional testing is needed.


kt528ga - November 20

thanks. what factors should I consider when deciding whether to get tested for STDs?


Lelouch - November 20

STDs can be transmitted through mucous membranes in the vagina, penis, rectum or mouth coming into contact with infectious body fluids, such as semen, vaginal fluid, and blood


Oblivion - November 20

Also through skin-to-skin contact with sores or lesions. Skin-to-skin contact can include genital-genital contact, oral-genital contact, or hand-genital contact


ginger - November 20

Please go for a check up as soon as possible, and always practice safe sex!


primecast - November 20

Remember, STDs can be transmitted with oral sex, as well as genital sex. Take care of yourself!


Oblivion - November 21

I hope this information has helped you!


mero khan - May 4

don't do that every time you have a sex with any guy just enjoy it by natural way if you can or not


ashleybalton1 - May 15

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