Accepting The End Result

When The Dust Settles

Assisted reproduction has helped millions of couples fulfill their dream of having a biological child. However, some couples do not share in that experience and must deal with the aftermath. Couples who go through fertility treatments often find themselves, at the conclusion, much stronger than they thought they were. There is a sense that they can take on the world and win. The final stage in the journey of infertility treatments is that of resolution and of accepting where they are in life, perhaps even re-evaluating where they want to go from here.

A huge sigh and tears of relief often accompany the knowledge that the treatments are over. There will be no need to endure any more physical, emotional, or financial pressure. You are both exhausted and ready to move on. You are probably feeling much closer to each other. Perhaps you will share your experience with others who are going through infertility treatments.

Look At All We've Learned!

When you arrive at "the other end" of the infertility journey, you will have learned a lot about yourself and each other. One of the most prevalent realizations is that life can be very fulfilling whether or not you have achieved your goals. There is much to be learned along the way which can enrich your life and, if shared, the lives of others. It has been said that it is not whether you will go through a rough time-you will-it is how you go through it that counts. The great lesson is that good things can come out of difficult or bad experiences.

Healing Your Relationships

Now that a new direction is before you, seeking out people who have successfully resolved their infertility using different methods is a good idea. Communicating with the group or professional you have been involved with during the time of treatment will give emotional support and guidance. This is the time to reinvigorate your relationship with your partner and to focus energy on each other. You may find a new sport or hobby you can enjoy together. The infertility treatments may have caused you to pull away from friends and family. Restore your relationships with people from whom you may have isolated yourselves.

You Always Have Choices

Don't be too quick to close the door on future treatments. You may decide to try again sometime in the future or your may seek other alternatives to infertility. Adoption or surrogacy may be an option for you. Remember, you always have choices. Whether it is a new treatment option, an alternative option or the decision that you will pursue life in a different way, each option presents an opportunity.


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