Fibroid Treatment

Fibroids can at times be very painful and can cause heavy periods or even infertility. Find out more about the different ways of treating fibroids and get the information you need to be fibroid free.

Surgical Treatment

One way of getting rid of fibroids is through surgical treatment. Check out our overview on the topic and get the facts you need so that you can decide if surgery is the right course of action for treating your fibroids. Also learn more about how severe your fibroids need to be before you can become a surgical candidate and discover how this treatment will affect your ability to get pregnant.

Medicinal Treatment

Often, before surgical treatments are considered, many women will try the various medicinal treatments available for fibroids. Take a look at our overview on medicinal treatments for fibroids and see if any of these medications are right for you. Also, like with your surgical options, find out how this form of treatment will affect your fertility.
For information about non-invasive treatments, click here.  
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