Menopause Symptoms

How can you know when you are beginning the “change?” Well, here in our menopause symptoms section you can find out everything you need to know about the many affects and symptoms of menopause and discover if you may in fact be experiencing the beginning of menopause. This can be a very emotional and confusing time for many women. Get the facts about menopause symptoms and discover the best ways to cope with this change in life.

Symptoms of Menopause

There are many symptoms that you may be going through during menopause. Learn about some of the most common conditions that go along with this change, like hot flashes, bone loss, and the cessation of your period, and find out what to do if you are experiencing any of these signs of menopause. Other common symptoms that come hand-in-hand with menopause are weight gain, memory loss, vaginal dryness, hair loss, facial hair growth, and the loss of libido. Find out how you can reduce these symptoms of menopause. Also get some valuable information about health concerns and menopause like a woman’s increased risk of heart disease when experiencing menopause. Learn what you can do to reduce your risk and stay healthy during your menopausal years.
However, not all symptoms of menopause mean you are menopausal.  Early signs of menopause can mean you are going through perimenopause. Learn more about this early menopause.

Male Menopause?

Did you know that men go through a sort of menopause of their own?  While nothing is like a woman’s menopausal symptoms, male menopause can be life changing for your man. Find out more about this lesser known form of menopause.
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