Women After Menopause

Contrary to the belief of many menopausal women, life does not end with menopause. Like with the many other stages of a woman’s life, menopause is just another milestone in the life of a woman. Our section devoted to women after menopause explores life for women postmenopause to discover what this new stage of life really means.

Life After

Many women find the onset of menopause liberating and revel in the freedom from their monthly period and PMS. They love not having to worry about that time of the month and enjoy the liberation from this continuous monthly cycle. Learn more about postmenopausal happiness and postmenopausal longevity and discover how to recreate yourself during this new beginning. Also check out our article on sexuality after menopause and find out why some women think this is stage of life is the best for sexual exploration. Many women love the freedom from the worry about becoming pregnant and enjoy the fact that they no longer need birth control at this stage in their life. However, just because a menopausal woman cannot get pregnant does not mean she cannot contract a STD. Learn more today about menopausal women and STDs.

What To Watch Out For

Also check out our articles on things menopausal women need to watch out for like osteoporosisweight gain and heart disease. Find out how to keep your postmenopausal body healthy and strong because life does not end with menopause.  
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