Menstruation Cycle

Get all of the information you need to understand a women’s reproductive system and menstruation cycle right here in our special section devoted to the menstrual cycle. Learn more about when a girl gets her period, why a girl gets her period, and what does it mean if your period is late.

Understanding Menstruation

Welcome to womanhood! A girl’s first period is known as menarche. Find out more about this exciting time in a young woman’s life and get the facts about how the menstrual cycle works in our article on The Menstrual Cycle Explained. Understanding how menstruation works helps a woman to know if something is wrong, like if she is experiencing amenorrhea (the absence of periods without pregnancy). Also get information on what it may mean if you missed a period (are you pregnant or is this a sign of something else?) or if your period is late.

Connecting With Your Body

In addition, you may be freaked out if your period is especially heavy every month. Discover why you may have a heavy period and learn when to consult your doctor for unusual periods. Spotting problems with menstruation just may help you uncover fertility problems. Being in tune with your body can help you find problems before it is too late. Learn more about your reproductive system today.
Also get the facts on how the menstrual cycle works and what systems are involved to create a period. The more you know, the easier your period will be.  
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