Menstruation Problems

Here in our section devoted to Menstruation Problems, discover some of the difficulties that can plague a women’s menstruation cycle. Periods are never easy. Learn more about the many problems that can occur during menstruation and get the solutions you need to solving your menstruation difficulties.

When Periods Go Wrong

Find out more about Toxic Shock Syndrome and Dysmenorrhea (extremely painful periods) and discover what it means if your period is too light, too heavy, or doesn’t come at all. Find out the different fertility conditions associated with menstrual problems and learn what you can do to keep yourself in the best reproductive health possible.
Do you think your period is too heavy? Although it may look like a lot of blood every month, in fact, women only lose about two tablespoons of blood each month during their period. If you think you may be bleeding more than this then you may be suffering from a condition known as menorrhagia. Learn more about this condition and find out what you should do if your period is abnormally heavy.

Menstruation And Pregnancy

Periods during pregnancy? Sounds like an oxymoron, no? But, some women can experience their period even though they are pregnant, especially during the early stages. Also, spotting and bleeding are very common when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall. So, getting your period each month doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Learn more about bleeding and pregnancy.

More Period Problems

Blood clots during a monthly period are very common but when should you begin to worry about these clots? Check out our article on blood clots during your period to find out how many clots are too many and when you should consult your doctor for a worrisome period.

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