Here in our women’s-health section on cancer, you can find all of the information you need about cancers specific to women. Learn about the many varieties of cancer only women can contract and find out how you can minimize your risk for contracting such illnesses. Also, if you have already been diagnosed with one of these cancers, get the information you need to battle these diseases and become healthy once again.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is probably the most familiar and well-known of all the cancers that attack women. Find out what breast cancer is, why some women develop this life-threatening condition, how to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer, and how to treat this form of cancer.
Learn about whether a mastectomy is right for you and also get the facts on the importance of regular breast exams. Also find out once and for all if anti-per spirant can cause breast cancer and learn what it means if you are diagnosed with a benign breast lump.

Ovarian, Uterine, Fallopian, and Cervical Cancer

Start reading up on the lesser known female cancers like ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, fallopian cancer and cervical cancer. Find out about the stages of ovarian cancer and the risks of ovarian cancer and learn more about treatments for fallopian cancer.
Also get information about how to prevent cervical cancer like getting the cervical cancer vaccine and find out when a women might need a hysterectomy as a way of fighting her cancer.  
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