Types Of Hepatitis Infections

There are many strands of the Hepatitis infection—Hepatitis AHepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.  There is even a lesser known Hepatitis E. Some of these strands can be contracted via sexual intercourse and others can be caught in other ways.
Find out about the different varieties of the Hepatitis infection and learn what you can do to prevent the contraction of this disease.

Preventing Hepatitis

Also find out about the vaccination for some of the strands of Hepatitis and learn more about how you can protect yourself from the Hepatitis infection.
Also find out what treatments are available for Hepatitis and discover how you can relieve the symptoms of Hepatitis.  To get more information check out our articles on treatments for Hepatitis C and treatments for Hepatitis B.
Did you know that hepatitis B can be very dangerous for your unborn baby?  Find out why doctors test pregnant women for Hepatitis B and learn more about why the Hepatitis B vaccine is one of the first vaccines given to newborn infants.
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