HPV And Herpes

Check out this section devoted to two very common and yet incurable STDs. Find out more about these STDs, HPV and Herpes, and get the information you need to protect yourself from these STDs.


HPV, also known as the human papilloma virus, is the STD that can cause both genital warts and cervical cancer. As of yet, there is no cure for this STD but doctors have recently developed the HPV vaccine. Decide if this vaccine is right for. Also, get educated on how to treat genital warts and how to get screened for cervical cancer. Early detection is the key in the fight against this form of cancer and with regular pap smears you can be sure to catch this type of cancer before it is too late.


Herpes is another STD that as of yet has no cure. Find out more about this STD, how to avoid contraction, symptoms of herpes and treatments for herpes. Also learn what to do if you contract herpes while pregnant, what effects your herpes can have on your newborn as well as foods to avoid with herpes. By learning as much as you can about these two STDs you can better protect yourself. Start reading now!  
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