Depo Provera and Cancer?

Additionally, there is conflicting evidence to suggest that use of depo-provera may increase your risk of breast and cervical cancer, although no definite conclusions have yet been drawn.


Some of the health benefits of using depo provera as a birth control method are:

  • Low risk of ovarian or endometrium cancer
  • Decreased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Less menstrual cramping
  • Fewer periods
  • Lower chance of anaemia

Other advantages are:

  • Easy to take; does not require daily ingestion or application
  • Private
  • Effective within 24 hours
  • Does not interfere with intercourse
  • Can be used by breastfeeding mothers
  • You can start using it as early as 6 weeks after childbirth
  • Has no estrogen
  • Effective for 12 weeks


Drawbacks to depo-provera include:

  • Loss of bone density
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Has to be taken every 3 months
  • Delay in the return of fertility after stopping injections
  • Weight gain
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Irregular bleeding

After Depo Provera

The effect of using a depo provera injection does not cease immediately after you stop taking the contraceptive.

Though you may choose to stop it anytime and you may start ovulating immediately, it usually takes a period of 6 to 10 months to regain complete fertility.

Other birth control side effects typically associated with hormonal contraceptives, like weight gain, breast tenderness, and depression, may become lesser gradually as the body gets clear from the effect of the hormonal injection.

If you are considering pregnancy after depo provera, you might have to wait as long as a year for the positive signs.

Once you have stopped the injections, drinking lots of water and juices, eating organic vegetables and fruits, and exercising may help the body regain fertility rapidly. Some women also prefer taking a detoxifying session or going to a sauna to clear the body of the hormone.

Availability and Cost

The depo provera injection can be taken in any fertility clinic or given by a private practitioner. Before the first dose, you will need to be examined thoroughly by your health care provider.

The cost of depo provera injection can vary according to where the shot is administered, although family planning clinics usually charge less than private clinics. Some forms of insurance may cover all or part of the cost of the injection.


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