DuoFertility BBT Sensor

If you've been trying for some time to get pregnant you might want to try the latest in computerised cycle monitoring from a company based in Cambridge. Although this technology isn't cheap, costing around £500, the company does offer you the benefit of its online fertility expert support team for up to a year. As long as you follow the company's guidelines of use, it also offers clients 'your money back if you don't get pregnant within 12 months' guarantee!


This BBT monitor is more than just a sophisticated thermometer; it actually can predict your 'fertile days' up to six days in advance! It is a combination of a sensor and a computerised reader that you can plug into your computer for a complete read out. You put the tiny sensor onto your skin somewhere comfortable between your underarm and the bottom of your bra and it will take your Basal Body Temperature 24 hours a day! Recording up to 20,000 readings a day enables it to accurately sense when your temperature is showing signs of your approaching ovulation. Using the reader unit, you can download the data into your computer and if you want, you can print out of all your cycle information to show your doctor.

Temperature Monitoring

The company, Cambridge Temperature Concepts, which produces this device, the DuoFertility, believes it is at least as successful as IVF without all the accompanying problems and drugs. Of course there are cheaper ways of monitoring and charting your cycle. You just need to take your temperature at the same time every morning with a BBT thermometer and record it on a chart. Although this works for most people, if you live a busy life, have erratic periods or suffer with PCOS, this may not be enough. As the DuoFertility monitors you all the time, it can pick up minute changes that you might miss. You can also input other data into the device like your cervical mucus, when you had your period, or if you had sex.


With the company's online backup service you have someone to talk to about your fertility issues. You can securely download your data into their Centre and their experts can help and advise you as to what to do next if you don't get pregnant within a few months. For many couples, just having someone they can contact on regular basis to give advice and support makes the DuoFertility Monitor worth the cost. After all, with the current cutbacks in the NHS, waiting times are increasing all the time, especially for treatments like IVF. For older women trying to get pregnant for the first time, every month's delay makes it harder to get pregnant, so this type of non-invasive device can be very helpful.


Because it helps to pinpoint with up to 99% accuracy exactly when women are ovulating, the DuoFertility is able to help not only women with erratic cycles but also older women in their late 30's and 40's to get pregnant. It is even useful for women who suffer with PCOS or who are having fertility treatments as they can identify their most fertile time. Obviously there are lots of cases of infertility that monitoring can't help, but in many cases just having sex at exactly the right time can be all you need to get pregnant.

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