Is having sex painful?

If the pain is persistently painful, and/or periods are causing serious discomfort and pain, it is a good idea to see a gynecologist for a check-up. There is a chance there is an underlying condition that is exacerbating the issue.

If endometriosis or PID is associated with the pain there is a risk of fertility issues due to scarring in the uterus and tubes. Endometriosis is generally found outside of the uterus, within the pelvic cavity.

Other Symptoms that can be painful

Often, a tipped uterus is not problematic and some women do not experience any symptoms from it. However, if there are symptoms present, they are primarily pain during intercourse, called dyspareunia; and pain during menstruation, called dysmenorrhea. There are other symptoms that can accompany a tipped uterus that include:

· back pain during intercourse

· minor incontinence

· urinary tract infections

· fertility problems

· difficulty using tampons

UPLIFT Procedure

As long as a woman is not experiencing any symptoms, there is no need to interfere. However, if she is experiencing symptoms, the physician may recommend repositioning the uterus using surgery.

By suspending the uterus, pain during intercourse and menstruation can be reduced. The procedure used to reposition a tipped uterus from its backward facing position to a forward facing position is called the UPLIFT procedure and is a newer, improved, method of uterine suspension.

Often, repositioning the uterus this way provides lasting pain relief in situations of painful sex and menstruation.

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