Tackling Endometriosis and Fertility Head On

The link between endometriosis and fertility is undeniable. But, the diagnosis of endometriosis doesn’t mean that a woman has no chance of conceiving and giving birth. As a matter of fact, most women with endometriosis can conceive naturally, but for some the road will be a difficult one. Let’s look at how endometriosis affects fertility.

What It Is

Endometriosis is a condition that causes the tissue that lines the uterus (endometrium) to grow outside of the uterus and often on the ovaries and around the reproductive organs. Every month your body stimulates the cells in the lining of the uterus so they can multiply in preparation for a fertilized egg. The problem is that when this happens in the uterus it also happens to the endometrium that has made its way outside of the uterus. The result is pain and cramping, painful sexual intercourse, heavy bleeding and scar tissue and adhesions that can interfere with fertility.

Your Options

To tackle endometriosis and fertility you have a few options that you can discuss with your doctor. While there is no actual cure for endometriosis there are several treatment options available to manage the symptoms and effects of the condition, including fertility issues. Pain medications are prescribed to deal with the cramps and other aches associated with the condition. The use of hormone therapies that block estrogen are common as well in order to keep the condition from progressing. For a woman trying to conceive, surgery is often the best option because it removes the tissue that may be causing the problems with fertility. This is not a cure, however, which means that conception needs to happen before the condition worsens again. The closest option to a cure would be a hysterectomy or menopause.

If endometriosis and fertility continue to be a problem even after trying surgery then you may have to consider IVF and other alternative ways of getting pregnant. Women with severe endometriosis actually have a high success rate with IVF and usually go on to get pregnant and deliver healthy babies. For some women it’s simply a matter of using medications like Clomid to stimulate ovulation. This is usually the case for those who have scarring that is interfering with ovulation.

Taking Care of You

Dealing with the problems of endometriosis and fertility can take a huge toll on your mental state. Dealing with pain along with the stress of trying to conceive can be overwhelming and leave a woman feeling run down and depressed which can in turn lead to other physical problems. It is for this reason that finding support and learning what you can about the condition and your options is so important. Knowledge really is power so the more you can arm yourself, the more in control and positive you’ll feel. Taking care of your mental state will greatly impact your immune system which you also want to keep in tiptop shape to tackle endometriosis and fertility head on.

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