Get Those Fatty Acids

Make sure to have fatty acids in your diet; this can help with weight loss, balanced hormones, and a healthy environment for conception.

Two create sources of fatty acids are fish oils and evening primrose oil. These come in capsule form and can be purchased at health food stores. Take either 1 MorDHA capsule each day or 1500 mg of Evening Primrose Oil from day one of your cycle (when you menstruate) through ovulation. You can use this in addition to flax oil or cod liver oil.

Exercise for PCOS

Everyone can benefit from exercise. For someone with PCOS, exercise helps to increase metabolism, helps with insulin sensitivity, and helps with weight loss.

Researchers have shown that people who did both aerobic and resistance exercises showed more improvement in insulin sensitivity than did those who used aerobic exercise only. Exercise should be for at least 20 minutes a day five days a week.

Banish the Coffee

Sorry to say, but caffeine is terrible for women with PCOS (and for everyone else!). Caffeine increases estrogen levels. Studies have shown that just two cups of coffee a day can boost levels of estradiol, a natural estrogen, a significant amount.

Caffeine may also contribute to an increased percentage of miscarriages, which is certainly an issue should you finally be able to conceive.

Using this diet, or one similar to it, can certainly help you to feel great. You'll lose weight, gain muscle tone and feel fit. In addition, it is a method to help to regulate your insulin levels and to help women with PCOS to become pregnant.

It's certainly worth a try - as it can't hurt to get fit and healthy!

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