Food for Fertility

There are certainly situations where nothing that a woman or her partner does will help to increase her fertility. However, sometimes, before trying IVF or other treatments, it's worth it to try alternative and natural fertility enhancements. There are certain foods that can help to boost your fertility, and it's certainly worth trying these.

The Low Carb Diet

Yes, these low carb diets are all the rage right now. For fertility purposes, it's actually time to climb on the band wagon. Researchers have found that refined carbohydrates that are found in such foods as breads, pastas, white rice and others do potentially lower your fertility rate. Why? There are 17 different nutrients that are lost when refined grains are processed. Some of these nutrients that we lose when we eat refined carbohydrates are thought to help with fertility. Therefore, try to eat whole grains that haven't been overly processed. These foods are better for you, and are full of antioxidants, B Vitamins and Iron - which are all thought to help to promote fertility.

Enjoy Those Oysters!

Most people have heard the theory that oysters can boost your fertility. Ladies, you don't have to worry about this one! Oysters are actually said to help to boost the semen levels and testosterone levels. Therefore, if your partner enjoys a large portion of oysters, it actually can help to increase his fertility. Oysters are full of zinc, and zinc helps with semen and testosterone levels. For those men who don't want to sit down with a plate full of oysters, they can take vitamin supplements that are full of zinc and Vitamin E, which increases sperm mobility. Similarly, you can find vitamins that combine 1000 mg of calcium with 10 mg of Vitamin D. Eat up and enjoy!

Fruits and Vegetables

Researchers recommend plenty of fruits and vegetables for fertility. The fruits and vegetables should be vibrant in color. The vegetables, in particular, should include such things as red peppers, dark green lettuce, leaf vegetables and kale. Enjoy two cups of fruit and three cups of vegetables every day to boost your fertility. Even if it doesn't work on your fertility - it will work on your health!

Moderation in Weight

Try to maintain a normal body weight while trying to conceive. If you are either too thin or too heavy, this can negatively impact on your fertility. Often, people who are not at a normal weight don't have regular cycles. Regular cycles are obviously vitally important to have the opportunity for conception and to produce eggs consistently. Don't start dieting, however, when you want to get pregnant. This isn't good for your body either. Simply try to cut back on the unhealthy foods that you consume and stick to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy snacks. Include three ounces of protein, nuts, beans, lean meat and chicken in your diet.

Stay Away From Naughty Drinks

There are many drinks that can be harmful to your chances of conceiving - and to your pregnancy should you conceive. These include alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Women who drink alcohol on a regular basis while trying to conceive have been found to reduce their chances of conception by as much as 50%. Caffeine, similarly, reduces fertility levels and is linked to miscarriage. One interesting find is that men who drink caffeine have actually been found to increase their sperm movement if they drink it before being intimate. So, keep yourself away from these drinks - but serve the caffeine up to your partner!

While nothing creates a surefire guarantee that you'll conceive, these ideas are certainly worth trying. You never know what will jump start your body and help you to conceive that baby. Even if these items don't work for conception, they have the added benefit of helping you to stay healthy and get your body into shape!

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