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17 years old need help
13 Replies
nimfa - December 15

hi, i'm nimfa 17 years old. i have a few questions to ask and i do hope that someone can answer this as soon as possible. last night i had unprotected sex with my bf. i don't know what to do and i don't want to get pregnant. my friend told me to take morning after pill. now here's my question:

a. is it safe to take this pill for my age?

b. do i need doctors prescription to take this pill?

c. how effective is it?


susie - December 15

take it as soon as possible, it's effective up until 3 days. it's available without prescription and safe to use as early as 16 years old.


cheskie - December 15

totally safe for teenagers and adults. my friend's been using it and she's only 15.


ella - December 15

it's safe to use. but as far as i know, if you are under 18 years old, you still need doctor's prescription.


liz - December 15

i agree, it's not advisable for 15 years old to take this pills. however, there has been no reported harmful effects on teenagers.


terry - December 17

hi everyone! i'm 18 and sexually active. i don't use any contraceptives neither does my bf. but i take MAP every after unprotected sex. lets say if we have sex 5 times a week that means i take MAP 5 times too.


EUNICE - December 17

i don't think that's the right thing to do! MAP is still a drug so it is very important to know all the facts before you take it. why don't you just take regular pills instead?


rea - December 18

agree with that! MAP is just an emergency pills and not contraceptives so it is not advisable to use it several times a week. just go with regular pills.


olivia - December 18

listen, i'm not a doctor but i know for sure that what you are doing is dangerous. why don't you just take regular pill? after all, you'll be needing it
since you're having sex several times in a week.


danica - December 18

i think you need to talk to your doctor. i've heard that it could be dangerous to take MAP on closer days.


jane - December 18

i agree with them! morning after pill should only be used in emergencies and not as a form of birth control. you're too young to put yourself at risk.


maita - December 18

you're making the situation complicated terry. i suggest you talk to heath providers to better educate yourself about birth control method. for the meantime, use condom.


ellaine - December 18

definitely the right thing to do terry! take it from us, we've been there and done that. LOL! anyway, if you still have questions, feel free to ask. we're here to answer your question.


terry - December 19

which is better, pills or depo? i want to hear from someone who experienced to use both.



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