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17 Replies
nelly - October 7

hi, i'm nelly, 18 years old and sexually active. definitely i need birth control method since my boyfriend doesn't want to use condom at all. i wonder what will work for me. i've been thinking of shot or injections. any advice will be appreciated. thanks in advance!


tonie - October 8

depo is as effective as tubal ligation. it is even more effective than pills, condoms and diaphragms.


ara - October 13

i agree! 99% effective... it has less side effects and most of it are not common.


Priscilla Alba - October 14

Depo Provera or the DMPA is a good method since the hormone injection lasts for 3 months to prevent pregnancy.


fashionably rowena - October 14

fertilization is prevented when having a shot of depo.


Sluggish - October 14

this is how depo works : when having this injection, your ovaries stops from releasing eggs and causes the cervical mucus to thicken and changes the uterine lining. in this way the sperm has a hard time to enter or survive in the uterus. and the injection last for 3 months. amazing isn't it?


Maxine412 - October 14

Depo Provera is a good choice. And what makes this even better is its being private form of birth control method because it cannot be seen in your body. though it requires a clinic appointment every 3 months.


Aubrey King - October 14

Depo is not be recommended for women who has plan of becoming a pregnant in the near future, women who are concerned about them gaining weight , or who has liver disease, gallbladder disease, or a history of depression.


Airene69 - October 14

If you suspect that you are pregnant, do not have a shot of depot please.


Desia D. - October 14

Nelly, if you are looking for a long-term and highly effective method of birth control Depo-Provera or the “shot” is your perfect decision ever. And the good news is : you only need to administer depo four times in a year. Perfect it is!


BeautyLiza - October 14

In addition to the good things about depo that Desia D has mentioned, each injection of depot also offers protection from pregnancy for 12 weeks. Since the shot can have detrimental effects on your fetus, you can only receive your first shot during the first five days of your normal menstrual cycle and is administered either to your buttocks or your upper arm.


Star85 - October 14

Hey Nelly, what I like about depo and I suppose a lot of women likes the same thing too is the thought that I do not have to worry about taking a pill every day. Less hassle and less worry.


CK_0808 - October 14

What makes me decide to use the shot instead of other BC method is the protection that the shot or depo offers against endometrial cancer.


Protective Lalaine - October 14

CK0808, the depot might protect you from endometrial cancer but also take note that it does not protect you from having sexually transmitted diseases.


Chloe Jane - October 14

Nelly, a lot of good things about Depo was mentioned in here but also consider that side effects are also present as well. And side effects of depo is more pronounced compared with birth control pills since a large of dose of hormones is injected to you one at a time. and the most common side effect is the absence of your period during the first year of use. Other side effects includes but not limited to gain weight, dizziness, change of sex drive, depression and hair loss.


Juicy Lee - October 14

Depo users has a slight risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Other possible complications include jaundice, blood clots, severe allergic reaction and infertility.


Kristie_TX - October 14

Nelly, there are a lot of birth control options available in the market today and not all of them are suitable for you. Do not limit your self to depo alone. One method may suits you best, it may be depo or something else, so I suggest you visit your healthcare provider for more professional advice.



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