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38 Replies
luji - October 31

can anyone tell me about abstinence??thanks in advance...


julian - October 31

I've read that abstinence is not having any kind of sex play with a partner.


eugyne - October 31

Abstinence is sometimes described as not having vaginal intercourse and may enjoy other kinds of sex play that don't lead to pregnancy.


lucy - October 31

im just wondering, how can abstinence prevent pregnancy?


gigs - October 31

It prevents pregnancy by keeping sperm out of the vagina...


gemma - October 31

well, just effective is this 'Abstinence'?
Being used continuously it is 100 percent effective in preventing unintended pregnancy.


alexa - October 31

It also prevents you to get a sexually transmitted disease (STD)...


jenna - October 31

how can i assure of my safety if i use abstinence?


sarah - October 31

Because this has no side effects, abstinence is one of the safest ways to prevent pregnancy


jenna - October 31

i think i need to talk to my husband about trying this...^^


rich - October 31

does abstinence have bad effects or disadvantages?wanna know...


gerry - October 31

I've found out that people may find it difficult to abstain for long periods of time and may end their period of abstinence without being prepared to protect themselves against pregnancy or infection.


singlelady25 - October 31

as i read through the comments i've realized that 'abstinence is safe, easy and convenient...but i'm still single,huh!:D


william - October 31

a question just popped up my mind..why do people decide to be abstinent?


gerraldine - October 31

in my point of view, people choose to be abstinent bcoz they are not ready for a sexual relationship...


patientlywaiting_M - October 31

I am waiting for the right partner!lol


bailey - October 31

as of the moment I am following my doctor's medical advice because of my illness..So, have to abstain...



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