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38 Replies
bailey - October 31

as of the moment I am following my doctor's medical advice because of my illness..So, have to abstain...


active_MAN - October 31

as of my age, i know that i'm sexually active but i just have fun with romantic partners without any sexual involvement


nida - October 31

I actively engage myself in sports so have to..I am a runner


diligentgerly - October 31

i learn many things from this forum...I'm still 18 and a student so of course I have to abstain!lol..I have to focus on my studies..:)


sad mama - October 31

unfortunately i lost my hubby and i don't want to look for another partner...


eric - October 31

you are not alone sad mama I also just broke up with my fiance..:(...


lonelyn - October 31

just another info to share:Women who abstain until their 20s — and who have fewer partners in their lifetimes — may have certain health advantages over women who do not.


mary ann - October 31

this is a very good info lonelyn..please share more about what you know..thank you..


lonelyn - October 31

Those women are also less likely to get STDs. Because they are less likely to get an STD, they are also less likely to become infertile or develop cervical cancer.hope this info helps...


celina - October 31

i think to stay abstinent is can i do it???


gloryvie - October 31

it's a matter of discipline celina..if you are determined to stay abstinent then you can...


concerned mama - October 31

you need to think about the consequences and how will it affect you...remember, regrets are always at the end!


mary - November 2

abstinent is just so difficult to achieve.easier said than done.i think you need to have a lot of self dicsipline.


Dully girl - November 4



ZoeCrt143 - November 4

At this generation, i don't think ABSTINENCE will be practiced.With so many porno materials around [Tv, magazine, internet, etc.], i don't think they will not be tempted.This is not an easy thing to do.


hello_Cathy - November 4

luji, Abstinence or celibacy means different things to different people.But most people define it as not having sexual intercourse.You can practice it whether you're straight, gay, bi, virgin or not, and you get to decide your own reasons for doing it. For some people, these reasons are moral or religious, for others they have to do with preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.



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