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Advantages of Tubal Ligation?
21 Replies
Sheila Mae - September 24

I just want to know what are the advantages or the benefits that we can get from tubal ligation before doing it?


JC_Calif - September 24

one most important thing about tubal ligation is that it is a permanent birth control method and is 100% effective.


mhhalz_com77 - September 24

JC, i slightly DISAGREE with u bec. as far as my knowledge is concern the only surgery that is 100% effective is CASTRATION--the male and female castration.But for your information this is not recommended for birth control purposes.ok?


JC_Calif - September 24

REALLY?well, thanks for that info mhalz!!!but i havent heard of that castration thing.


Ms. D - September 24

Hi there Sheila Mae!I learned from an article that tying the tubes or tubal ligation can also lower the chance of getting ovarian cancer.But this operation should only be done for a valid medical d old r you?ü


Sheila Mae - September 24

I'm only 25 years old with three kids.Im asking d advantages of tubal ligation because im planning for it because im asthmatic and i dont want to have baby anymore.


Ms. D - September 24

Your still young actually but you have the reason to do it because of your condition.i know its really a burden for an asthmatic like u to get pregnant.Permanent birth control method like tubal ligation really suits you .All you need to do is to consult your OB first and ask for advice..GOD BLESS.


WiNNie P. - September 28

What's nice about this birth control Sheila Mae is that it has very few side effects. and it is cost-effective in a long term and requires no daily N no attention at all.


maMa BeäR - September 28

Hi Sheila dear!The most HäPPY advantage of TL is that you fuullyyyy able to ENJOY SEX every minute every hour of the day without being WORRIED ON gEtting pRegnant.That's Great right?


Beauty - September 28

wazz up guyzzzzzzz....just a reminder that tubal ligation is not an assurance or not a 100% guaranteed of being safe from pregnancy because there are cases that despite having had the tubes tied properly, the tubes have evolved in such a way as to try to heal themselves, and sometimes a tract develops that allows egg and sperm to meet causing a woman to conceive.This failure occurs slightly more frequently in younger women like u.


&i&ter.@ct - September 28

Good Day To You Sisters.The most impt. key to optimal health outcomes lies first and foremost in the education - knowing and understanding of what to expect after the surgery. Yes, there are many advantages to tubal ligation, but it is still important as a woman, that you should also understand the disadvantages and risks and discuss these with your doctor before deciding to have it.Dont take the one side but the both sides meaning the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery for teh benefit of your health..God Bless.


sexym@m@ - September 30



Marsha - October 4

u know what the advantage of tubal ligation is just that you will no longer get will enjoy your sex life..but what i felt is not joy but the pain in my abdomen especially after sex..and i can feel severe headache and mood swings..and maybe because of the general anesthesia, i experienced the sense of forgetfulness.My advice?better not to do it.hope u learned from my experienced.


Haydee - October 4

Marsha, your experienced may not be other's experienced.The safest way you have to do Sheila Mae is to consult your ob-gyne for you to decide better.


Sheila Mae - October 4

Thanks Marsha for sharing your experiences.Ive learned a lot from your testimony.coming from a person who truly went through tubal ligation is of great help for me to decide if i will continue to do it or not.Thanks!


megan - October 7

you're right sheila! but you need to know that "what works for other woman may not work for you"... i really do think that you should consult your OB GYNE before deciding on any methods that you want to take. don't make rash decision, after all it's your life you're risking.


dora - October 7

megan- are you trying to say that this procedure is dangerous? cos you sounded that way...



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