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all types of birth control method
27 Replies
ajin - November 2

i just got married and i wanna know the different types of birth control that i have different choices...thanks


apple - November 2

hi ajin!As far as I know, there are many varieties of birth control namely barrier method, natural method, hormonal contraceptives and the long term birth control..I hope someone can help me explain each type...


studious@22 - November 2

When u say barrier method, it is when the male or the female uses a condom to prevent the sperm from ever entering the female's uterus.


aileen - November 2

In addition to what STUDIOUS said,I've also read that the female condom which is made of polyurethane protects the cervix, vaginal canal and the immediate areas surrounding the vagina.This is inserted to the woman's vagina prior to the intercourse...


judylyn - November 2

another kind of barrier is known as spermicides. this spermicide is a chemical designed to kill sperm and this is available as foam, jelly, foaming tablet and as a vaginal suppository...


funnyking - November 2

spermicide is quite interesting huh?!like pesticide?lol


carmine - November 2

actually, there is another kind of barrier which is called diaphragm that is a soft rubber dome which stretches over a flexible ring that contains spermicides in the form or cream or jelly.^^


amy - November 2

what's up?got another info about barrier method-the cervical cap..It is a small cup made of the same material as a condom. It is also filled with spermicidal cream and inserted into the girl's vagina and placed over the cervix.


ajin - November 2

do i still have a lot of things to learn about barrier methods??quite interesting huh but i start to get confused what 2 use..:)


janny - November 2

just curious about how diaphragm is used??is it easy?


joan - November 2

there is more ajin...^^it is called the contraceptive sponge which is a soft saucer shaped device made from the same material as the female condom.


ajin - November 2

thanks for all the info guys!i have an idea now...have to talk to my hubby about it..buut please continue writing info coz it helps a lot..^^
good day!


engaged woman - November 2

wow~very informative and interesting info!i'm still single but i'm engaged now...i think it's ok to talk to my fiance about this as early as now...wanna hear more too!


lyKa - November 2

ajin-- you mentioned that you just got married.aren't you planning to have baby?do you really think you still need birth control methods?


red_butterfly - November 4

and I agree that mass media greatly influence the use of abstinence as birth we observed, teenagers these days are already that open-minded about sex...i definitely agree with johnna, discipline plays an important role...


kath - November 4

hi evryone!i'm a mother of 2 kids and my kids are 1 year and 4 months old and the youngest is just 3 months youngest was not really planned so i think the info here is useful for me...i have some ideas about birth control but i think i have to learn more based from what i've experienced...


sunshine - November 4

kath, aside from the barrier methods mentioned below there is another method called hormonal birth control methods.hormonal devices appear in the form of an implant, patch, pill or shot.



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