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all types of birth control method
27 Replies
sunshine - November 4

kath, aside from the barrier methods mentioned below there is another method called hormonal birth control methods.hormonal devices appear in the form of an implant, patch, pill or shot.


maryjane - November 4

And these hormonal devices are designed to prevent the woman's ovaries from releasing an egg monthly, cause the cervical mucus to thicken so the sperm will have a difficult time penetrating the egg.


yuri - November 4

if I use these hormonal devices will I be safe from other diseases like STD?


melly - November 4

i have the same question with yuri because im thinking of using any of these hormonal safe is it to use these hormonal devices?


cheeze cake - November 4

some experts believe that they are very effective but they cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or STD's.


grace - November 4

with regards the use of birth control pills, you can acquire these pills from your health's kinda easy to get it and is inexpensive..


joysa - November 4

is there hormonal device that will last longer?i mean it's kinda hassle taking the pill everyday and i might forget taking it..thanks..but of course something that is affordable..


daniela - November 6

Depo-Provera is an injection that costs a little bit more than the pill and can prevent pregnancy for 3 months.


valerie - November 6

there is another one which is called nuva ring or vaginal ring. it is a flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina for three weeks before this is removed and replaced with a new one.


cutie - November 11

try patches. it's very convenient and way cheaper than any other methods.


jenna - November 23

female or male condom. affordable for every one and very convenient.


chandra - December 19

mirena or IUD is also a good choice but it always depends individually. nuva ring so far has less negative side effects. the choice is yours to make.



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