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are Generic birth control pills effective???
11 Replies
laurish_48 - September 3

I find the generic BCP quite cheaper than those of the brand name. I am just want to make sure that if the effect is as of the same as of the brand name pills. Im afraid this might cause me some trouble in the future.


better_safe_than_sorry - September 3

Laurish_48 for your guidance and information, generic medication is more or less equivalent to a brand-name medication. In fact, pharmacist cannot dispense a generic in place of a brand-name medication not until the products have been determined to be equivalent, which usually means that the generic has a rating of AB. Generic birth control pills are expected to work just as well as their brand-name counterparts.


Blossomzz - September 3

Yes, using the generic is cost saving but disadvantage is some insurance company will not cover birth control pills that has generic name. Although not all birth control pills has generic name.


OB_Chan - September 3

Absolutely generic brth cntrl pills are as good as the branded ones since It will all undergo tests to see if medications are equivalent as those tothe brand-name medications.


Brooke - September 15

I've been using generics for years and haven't had any problems at all. I notice a slight difference in the side effects, nut nothing major.


mrazyyyy - September 15

Maybe you should ask ur OB for samples.


hale - October 7

generic doesn't sound bad at all. it won't be out in the market if it isn't safe. don't you think?


sandra - October 7

generic are good as imitations.if i were you, i'd choose's worth the cost!


texaswoman12 - October 7

I read an article about this in Cosmopolitan magazine (can still find this article on their site if you search for it). This is what they said about it.....

"Generic birth-control pills are not necessarily as good as name brands
Generic birth-control pills seem like an appealing option because they're less costly than their brand-name counterparts (as much as 60 percent less), but some experts say there isn't solid proof that they're as effective. "The FDA tests required for generics are far less rigorous than those required for the makers of brand-name drugs," explains Mitchell D. Creinin, M.D., director of family planning and family planning research at Magee-Womens Research Institute in Pittsburgh.
The FDA allows generic drugs to have a 20 percent plus or minus difference in blood-concentration levels when compared to the brand-name drug, according to the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, meaning that the generic pills may be significantly less potent and still be approved for sale. So does this mean a higher risk of unplanned pregnancy for people who take generics? No one knows for sure. "When it comes to contraception, we shouldn't be guessing," says Dr. Harwood. "I have nothing against generics, but we're not talking about a headache, in which case if you take a pill and your headache doesn't go away, you can take another one. With the Pill, the only way to know it didn't work is if you get pregnant."
There's no question that having an unintended pregnancy is more expensive than paying a slightly higher cost for a brand-name contraceptive. But if you just can't part with the extra cash and choose to use generics, be extra vigilant about taking your Pill on time and consistently."


hale - October 8

wow, that's great! thanks for the complete information! so therefore i conclude that it is better to use branded than generic pills...


samantha - October 13

cheaper pills would only cause problem. i had experienced severe acne while using generics.


megan - October 16

my God! that serious huh? i think these generics should be face out!



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