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Barrier methods
23 Replies
Marielle Radaza - September 22

When using the barrier method like the diaphragm and the cervical cap, do we actually use or wear them when having sex?


simply erika - September 22

Yes, when using the barrier method as your birth control, you should always and always use it when having sex. So with the other barriers like the contraceptive sponges and condoms.


kyla89 - September 22

To avoid pregnancy, cervical caps, condoms and other barrier if that is the control that you use must be wear at all times when having sex.


Agatha M. - September 22

mariel, if you plan to use like diaphragm or cervical cap then, you must visit your doctor for it to be fitted.


Lady Lee - September 22

I am not quite favor with the barrier method because a lot of women who uses cervical cap and diaphragm suffered from urinary tract infections.


hale - October 7

i agree with you lady! i had a friend who uses it and got UTI in return!


marissa - October 7

how does this cervical cap works? can anyone share me some info...


ara - October 8

cervical caps are not very effective.which means that 20 out of 100 women can get pregnant during the first year if use.


dora - October 13

i've heard that using cervical cap may cause tss. how true is this?


samantha - October 16

yup it may cause TSS if left in too long but it's a rare condition. it can also cause cervical changes such as cervicitis.


scarlet - October 24

although TSS and cervicitis is just a rare condition, you shouldn't take advantage because no one knows who could possibly get this. i think prevention is better than cure.


katie - October 30

what does TSS means? how do we know if have this? is his an infection?


sheila - November 11

TSS or toxic shock syndrome is a life threatening illness which is caused by toxins. this is associated with the use of tampons resulting in death sometimes.


mitch - November 23

here are the symptoms for toxic shock syndrome:

- vomiting or diarrhea
- seizures
- muscle aches
- headaches
- sudden high fever
- low blood pressure


scarlet - November 27

i am using tampoms everytime i have my period. i used it more often than pads. what are my chances of getting TSS?


che-che - December 15

it's okay to use tampons once in a while. but do choose the one that has low absorbency and try to alternate use it with pad during 24 hour period.


virra_mae - December 15

if you think you're experiencing the symptoms that has been mentioned above, contact your doctor for immediate treatment. it's better to be always safe.



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