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best birth cotrol pill for breast enlargement?
25 Replies
hugeilike - September 5

I've heard that a lot of brith control pills causes breast enlargement. Sad to say that I am not that blessed with a large breast and I want it to get bigger for me to look sexier and more attractive to men. I've heard a lot of heresays that Yaz is good when it comes to breast enlargement but I want to hear more reliable sources. thanks.


rodelia - September 5

actually, your breasts will just grow while you are taking the birth control pills but once you stop taking, your breasts will go back to the normal size.


XOXO - September 5

the reason why you feel like your breast grown is due to hormones. and also while taking the birth control pill some women gained weight which also make their breast grow bigger.


stardust - September 5

none of the birth control pills actually offer a permanent breast enlargement.


manicmandy - September 5

i took diane pill for almost a year cause my friend says that it will make my breast grow. while im still taking the pill, ive seen it grown which makes me feel so happy. then i stopped taking the pill after a year and sad to say my breast was back to normal.


maika - October 7

breast enlargement is one of the symptoms of pills. but this will not give you permanent result because by the time you will stop from taking pills, everything will be back to normal as it used to.


dora - October 7

yaz is a good choice! try diane, it has many benefits.


XOXO - October 16

yes diane is my first choice. it has many benefits include healthy glowing skin and gives you the fuller breast! hmmm... loved the side effects!


christine - October 17

so if you stopped taking diane, you're breast will be back to normal right? what if you continue using it lets say for a year... will it grow bigger and bigger? stupi question, i know... i'm just curious.


virra - October 23

it won't grow bigger anymore but instead it will make it firmer. that's how it works for breast.


marissa - October 23

OMG! hahaha... what a funny question christine... can you imagine how big your breast will be if you'll be using this pills for 10 years? hahahaha... it could be as big as your head!


christine - October 23

ahahaha!!!it never crossed my mind.been thinking of it now.that's very funny!


carol - December 18

i don't think something like that would actually happen. how would you explain people using this method for many years but have just the right size of the breast? what is this, some practical joke? LOL!


maggie - December 18

i don't believe it makes breast bigger. i think it makes the breast fuller and firmer which may give a bigger look.


denise - December 19

i think i should agree! change of hormone is the main reason for this.


Laurel Herrera - November 9

Birth control pill not good for women health so try to natural and safe way to make breast bigger try to use boob pop which is help you to make your breast bigger and growing naturally i'm using that same product really it awesome i got amazing result first I am an A cup but feel slightly fuller, a bit more weight in each breast and a bit more definition.


jolyajones - February 27

i don't believe this procedure of birth control pills. it just increase your breast so try to natural and safe way to make breast bigger. if you taking some pills for growing breast then you achieve your goals for pills.but if you leave it then your breast will become in normal size and risk factor are also involve. so adopt a naturally way of growing breast.



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