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birth control
11 Replies
fitty_sarah - August 5

i am just wondering, what are most people finding that the best type of birth control is, and which one they find not as good.


Katie - August 26

Combined oral contraceptives which means containing an estrogen and a progestin pill are said to be the most effective while Progestin-only contraceptives are less effective. Women who are breastfeeding and have some health problems usually uses the this pill.


Carrie - August 29

What is best for some people may not be the best for others too, so it is best if you will see your health care provider and discuss with him your issues. Your health is also considered in determining what birth control method will be used.


mac_omega - September 18

using birth control method depends on your health you better ask a doctor first for your safety also especially if its oral contraceptives...


hannah - October 7

if you want to know which birth control method is right for you, i think you should try them yourself.


krystel888 - October 7

been finding hard to choose on pills too. i guess all pills have common side effects.


lyKa - October 8

try yasmin! most women are using it cos it has minimal side effects and has many benefits in return.


meldz_60 - October 13

i found depo an effective and best procedure for birth control. natural planning is among the weakest method.


chikka - October 16

depo is good but it makes me gain weight. other than that, no more bad effects.


Charmingbetty - October 23

the best for me is withdrawal beause it's free and the not so good is tubal ligation because it involves surgery which is very painful and quite expensive.


dianne - October 23

using condom is The easiest and the safest birth control method for me compared to other method like taking pills that has side's as simple as you are wearing your underwear.


dora - October 23

most men dissagrees to wear condoms and i don't understand's the most safest method i've ever know because it doesn't just prevent pregnancies but it will also prevent you from STD's.



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