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birth control method for kids...
12 Replies
cherry - October 7

what birth control method can you suggest for teens?how well does it work?


dora - October 8

i don't think it's right to suggest birth control methods for teens. don't you think they are too young for that?


IshKa49 - October 9

for teens, abstinence from sex. that is the best method for them.


regina_lee - October 9

agree, abstinence is the right one to avoid teenage pregnancies.


Kewlitz - October 9

for me condom is best compared to birth control pills. and since bcp is not available over the counter, so condom is okay than nothing at all.


teenage cutie - October 9



Kisha Mae - October 9

You know dora, even if its not right to suggest birth control method for teens, but we all know that they are more hot and aggressive, and we can't stop them from having sex, so better suggest them with condom to avoid unwanted pregnancy.Right?


dora - October 9

You're right Kisha.I got your point.I haven't think of that idea.Thanks for raising that point.


lyKa - October 13

condom would be the best choice for teenagers. it doesn't just prevent unwanted pregnancies but could also prevent sexually transmitted disease.


meldz_60 - October 16

suggesting teenagers for birth control method is same as you agree with them having sex on a very young age. the thought that you suggested may make them think that it's okay to do it! it's not right...


samsam - October 17

there's no way we can deny about the situations now regarding teens and sex. so i think we should just suggest them to use pills to avoid abortion.


closet07 - October 19

samsam, pills are not advisable for the teens and they can't buy it without prescription either. a lot of health risks are involved. condoms is a better option anyways.


samsam - October 23

yes i know but we also know that a lot of young men insist to use on condoms. what can you suggest if anything like this happens?



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