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Birth Control Overdose
19 Replies
Sarah - August 25

Will Birth Control Pills (Oral Contraceptives) can cause serious problems if taken in overdosage? Is medical attention necessary because there are times that I double the dosage if in case I skipped taking one.


Cheska - August 26

Birth control pills if taken in over dosage are not likely can cause serious problems. Effects however may vary depending on a lot of factors including the dosage and or whether you are taking medications or any other drugs. But to avoid any other complications, best to see a doctor for your safety.


Sharon - August 29

So far in reported cases of overdoses with birth control pills, no serious problems have been reported.


Angela - August 29

You may be over dose if you experience the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, vaginal bleeding and disruption of the menstrual cycle.

You better seek medical attention if you're experiencing any of those.


hale - October 7

if you have taken it twice in a day just because you forget to take one the day b4, then it's not a problem. other than that i think you discuss it to your health provider.


lyKa - October 7

no further side effects. i haven taken 3 pills one time because i forgot to take it for two days and i didn't felt any bad about it.


dora - October 16

i tried it once. took 2 pills at a time and all i got is severe headache and vomiting.


hale - October 17

that's normal dora. birth control pills can give you that kind of symptoms but that doesn't mean that you are overdosed with the pills.


megan - October 24

what about mini pill? is it the same as any other pills?


hale - October 31

actually i have no idea about this mini pill but i have heard about this many times.i think it's a low dosed kind of pill.


liz - November 2

right hale, it's a low dosed kind of pill and it's different from any other pills because it contains only progestogen, some kind of a female hormone.just like any other pills, it also comes with variety of side effects.


ashley - November 11

how does mini pill contribute to as a birth control method? i think this has less side effects since it is a low dosed pill. what do you think ladies?


dora - November 23

i haven't heard much of mini pill side effects. i know a few like breast pain or mood swings. hmmm, what else?


tricia - December 19

mini pill is most common to use among menopausal woman. so i think it's a good formed of pills. it does alot on hormones. i am considering myself tryinfg it.


mari22234 - October 2

i have overdosed on my birth control and its wasnt good ... i had very bad cramps .. a missed period and a yeast infection ..


farafae89 - October 24

through out info is well and good specially which is so useful.. :)


estetik878 - December 24

The amount of information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. Your blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more.



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