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can't find the strings...
9 Replies
chucky - December 4

hi! i had mirena coil fitted a year ago. just recently, i have had some strange pains up until now. i have also noticed some bleeding after intercourse. yesterday when i tried to check it, i can't see any strings and i wonder where could it be. any advice?


jenna - December 4

when was the last time you felt the strings? do you get monthly check-ups? talk to your doctor about it. you may need to have an ultrasound to know where it is.


marissa - December 4

i am sorry to hear about the pain. you should go to your GP and have it checked. have it removed if possible.


scarlet - December 4

it's normal to feel pain once in a while and bleeding or spotting during intercourse is again normal. it's due to mild pressure on the cervix during intercourse. but since you can't feel the presence of the string, i would suggest you to see your gyne.


meldz_60 - December 4

the same thing happened to me some years ago. i have had ultrasound and found that the coil was still in place just couldn't understand why i couldn't feel the strings. my gyne told me that i shouldn't be worried because there's not many places it can go.


ella - December 4

i was given local anesthetic down below, after minutes of poking inside it was retrieved. i wasn't explained by my gyne what causes the threads to move.
but whatever it is, i don't care and i swear i won't be using it anymore. just happy that i finally have it removed.


michelle - December 9

it is very important to check once in a while to make sure that thread is still hanging correctly. sometimes if the cord is too long, there is a tendency that sex can pull them out.


dora - December 9

i never liked the idea of having the coil fitted ever since. and now having read your posts makes me even think it's kinda dangerous in some ways. anyway, how long does it last for?


eunice - December 9

every five years usually. i believe it functions slightly different from any other methods, but i don't think it's dangerous.


garnett - December 19

i've heard negative comments from mirena. i've read a lot actually in this site as well as on others. this make me think it's not a good method to use.



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