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Complications in taking birth control pill while pregnant?
14 Replies
Susan - August 29

Got some questions here. Before I knew I was pregnant, I was able to take my birth control pills. I am wondering if will it cause some complications on my pregnancy? Please advise. Thanks.


dainty - August 29

Susan, I suppose this happens during your early pregnancy. Anyways, unintentional intake of birth control pills will unlikely cause any complications provided that it was stopped very soon.


jane - August 29

If you accidentally take birth control pills before you realize that you were pregnant, this should not cause any problems, although you should discuss this with your healthcare provider.


Susan - September 1

What about to the fetus? Will it not cause any possible miscarriage? Cause i got a friend who unintentionally take birth control pills not knowing that she is pregnant and she had a miscarriage.


jane - September 1

Study shows that continued taking of birth control pill before or after a pregnancy will not abort the fetus. It's also unlikely that taking the pill will have an effect on fetal development. Oral contraceptives don't cause miscarriages because they don't work in that way.


cheskie - October 7

birth control pills is not designed for abortion or miscarriage, it is designed for preventing unwanted pregnancies. further information should well be dicussed with your gyne to prevent complications.


samantha - October 7

i think it depends. did you found out that you're preggy earlier? and did you stopped using pills right away? how many months were you preggy b4 you found it out?


Susan - October 16

nearly three months as far as i remember. will it cause harm to the baby?


chikka - October 17

my God, three months?! i've heard it can caused abnormalities in the baby.


lizzie - October 24

how many months are you preggy now susan? open this up to your gyne and maybe he/she can advice you for an ultrasound.


susan - October 31

i am now 4 months pregnant. my first check up went good. i am adviced for an ultrasound next month. wish me luck!


hale - November 2

that's good susan! don't forget to update us with your condition. best of health to you and your coming baby...


susan - November 11

hey ladies, just want to spread the good news! i went for an ultrasound and everything went well, thanked GOD! the baby's fine, heartbeat is in good conditon' thanks for all the adviced!


janice - November 23

now that's good news!glad to hear that!take vitamins and supplements for you and the baby and be updated on pre-natals.good luck!


isabel - December 19

it happened to a friend of mine once. she had been using pills not knowing she was a month pregnant. i don't it would have any effects because my friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy.



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