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Contraceptive Pills
19 Replies
virra_mae - September 4

Can any1 tell me what brand of pills you are using. The pros & cons of each to you. Thanks.


mangotango - September 5

Loestrin® 24 Fe is the best for me. My period is shorter and even lighter.
It is very effective, low-dose birth control option for any women.


crashboombang - September 5

In addition to mangotango... Loestrin® 24 Fe is available only with prescription. So before you will use it, best if you visit your doctor first.


healthywealthy - September 12

I have been on Loestrin for a few years now. Everything is fine not until this times that my hair is falling, not the normal falling hair I should say.


naturally meeh - September 12

For me, nothing bets the natural way or the rhythm method. No side effects whatsoever.


georgia - September 14

Dianne works best for me.


Yeah_baby - September 15

I chose Trust brand since it's the cheapest of all contraceptive pills available. Let us all be practical.


Manic Mandy - September 15

I went to my OB and ask for advice on what BCP to use & she recommended Yasmin Pill which i have been using for 2 months already. So far I havent experience major side effects aside from sometimes I have headache which I think is normal.


megan - October 7

headaches are usually the most common symptoms for pill. i also suggest yasmin, been using it and less side-effects.


brook - October 7

seasonale is so far the best for me... it has minimal side-effects that's almost unnoticeable.


ara - October 8

(Yeah_baby) i don't think trust is effective. it's the cheapest pill i've ever heard and that's makes me scary because it may not be effective at all.


Yeah_baby - October 13

been using it for a year now... and all i can say, it's effective for me...


mitch - October 16

i don't trust "trust pills"! my friend's been using it before she had this terrible acne all over her face and to some parts of her body. it's scary!


cheskie - October 24

sometimes we just cannot depend on cheap could only cause problem in the end.


krystel888 - October 30

that's totally true cheska! and it's not only the pills, but also any other sort of cheap medicines.


cutie - November 11

expensive is never expensive when you get what you want and when it benefits you. so what's the sense of choosing cheap ones?


meldz_60 - November 23

i bet to disagree with you ladies. some cheap medicines or so-called generic ones are sometimes effective. it may not be as effective as the branded one but either way, it helps. especially to those who are in tight budget.



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