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could i be pregnant
4 Replies
carrie2010 - August 6

hi o.k. im pannicking i was on depro injection but i found i had side effects from it (i was on it for about 12 months) i then started on contreceptive pill its one where you have to take within 12 hours of your last pill.... ivew been on that three months 1st month i had a period and i did the second month but during the second month i missed a pill i was about 3 hours late in taking it then me n my partner had sex i carried on taking the pill every day after that, i stopped my pill as you do when you finnish the packet, i stopped sunday 1st august and no period yet i keep getting pains but nothing happens except white discharge (non smelly) i have two children n i dont want anymore


tea_leaf - August 7

Well, the only way to be certain is to do a pregnancy test. The Pill will not affect the test results. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that if you are pregnant then you will have to consider a medical abortion.

However, it is indeed possible that the Pill has failed. It's not highly likely, but it is possible. Therefore if you are unsure, you need to do the test. We can't predict it for you, sorry.

I hope you get the answer you want when you do the test.

You are on the progestogen-only Pill - presumably the one called Cerazette, as it's giving you the longest window of safety. If you are unable to commit to the time frames (as I was as well), then you should probably speak to your doctor or GU Med in order to discuss alternatives.


anderson111 - February 4

if you take precaution then i think it can't happen but some time its gone out need to know a little bit about the menstrual cycle.


lisaroy1 - April 1

One day miss or late to take a pill does not matter as you have continued it for 3 years,and it might be due to this reason only that you have not got your mensturation ,it happens some time ,it will be late for somedays


flumpa14 - July 26

Hi,I had my coil removed 17 June,my period came 22 June for usual 4 days,intercourse has occurred frequently since,although no period as yet,am I jumping the gun,presuming I may be pregnant?



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