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creamy discharged...
20 Replies
mira - October 17

i am currently on nuva ring. it's been 5 days now and i experienced a white creamy discharged. what could this possibly mean?


cheskie - October 17

is it a smelly discharged? is it itchy? please be more specific...


mira - October 24

nope it isn''s just that it's very creamy and it feels irritating.


cheskie - October 31

look i've been using nuva ring for almost a year but i haven't experienced this.i think you should speak to your gyne about this.but for the meantime, i think there is something you can do for this at home.


Jean Black - October 31

The procedure I got to reduce my discharge was called cryotherapy. Ask your doctor about it.


Karla Lou12 - October 31

Hey there!

If that creamy discharged is sort of excessive, then you are not alone with that situation. I have been on NuvaRing for two weeks now and I have noticed an increase in discharge.It really bothers me. Sometimes it's thick and mucus-like with a little blood color.Other times it is clear and very thin and runny. I also noticed that after I had sex for the first time with it in my discharge was a little bloody immediately after which concerns me a lot. I don't know if any of this is normal or not. I just had a pap done and everything seemed to be normal and i haven't had any other procedures done.


Freda K. - October 31

Hey, I've been on the ring for almost a year now and the only bad thing I have to say is discharge.It is white and thick and it bothers me. During sex it dries up on me and him and is quite annoying so I decided to get it off and to see if it will stop.


JA2012 - October 31

is the amount of that creamy thing you discharge is abnormal? or is it really too much from what you normally discharged? Please be more detailed with your concern. Thanks.


Surro G - October 31

Your discharge color should supposedly be white or clear one. if it is creamy, then something might be wrong. See your doctor then for more experienced opinion.


Marianna T. - October 31

Your discharge will change in color throughout your cycle, sometimes clear, sometimes a little cloudy, sometimes a tinge of yellow but if it's really yellow that's a sign of infection.


Preggy Me - October 31

discharge on women are just but normal. but in case the discharge is so abnormal then something is wrong and you need to go see a doctor for some procedure to elimintate it.


Kakai23 - October 31

i think you have some infection cause normally women's discharge are not creamy but instead it is either white or clear.


Angel56 - October 31

I have the same problem too. I just put the ring in the other day and I'm discharging like crazy.Though it doesn't have an odor but it's really a nasty feeling and my underwear is jacked up!When me and my boyfriend make love he thinks I'm extremely horny! If he only knew.


marissa - November 2

discharge can sometimes be very dissapointing and embarrased when your partner get to see it. can anyone share some home remedies to at least minimize heavy discharge?


jenna - November 11

i don't think it can be minimized as this should happen sometimes in our life. unless you suspect something wrong with your discharged, then i think that's the time you should worry about.


ara - November 23

discharge wether heavy or not is somewhat normal.but you should check on color and odor.normal discharge should be light and odorless. if changes occurs then that's the time you need treatment.


wea - December 19

odor and color of discharge should always be checked once in a while because it indicates infections. so be aware of that always.



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