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Different Birth Control Methods
16 Replies
Lhenggay - September 15

can any1 tell me what are the different contraceptives to choose from?


kate wilson - September 15

Condoms are one of the cheapest and famous contraceptives. It is all we know worn by the male during intercourse. There is also available condoms for females in the market. Aside from being inexpensive condoms are very easy to use, having few side effects, and of offering protection against sexually transmitted diseases.


margie_22 - September 15

Injectibles like depo provera is a hormone injection that will last for 3 months of protection to prevent pregnancy. It is usually given in the the arm, hip, upper thigh, or abdomen, delivering a high level of progesterone into the body. Depo Provera stops the ovaries from releasing eggs. Some women who are so forgetful to take pills prefer to have a shot instead.


lhenggay - September 15

Thanks for that kate.. but my partner do not like to use condoms because it is so hassle for him.
Margie, yah i heard of depo shot from a friend i would like to try it but im afraid of the side effects that it would bring.


belle rams - September 15

The most commonly side effects of depo is head ache due to hormonal shifts. Weight gain is another one and there is no real way to get around it. If there is no compelling reason for Depo over birth control pills, then I would choose the pills. Once you take the shot, you are stuck with the side effects for 3 months.


high five_555 - September 15

But if youre body is used to the shot, Ur hassle free for 3 months. Best thing to do is consult your OB.


shaxxx - September 15

IUD or Intrauterine Device is another type of contaceptive.


jasmine - September 15

hey ladies if you already have so many kids tell your husband to have vasectomy! period.


aubrey - September 15

re jasmine: though u need to discuss this further with your husband though vasectomy is a permanent contraception & i heard many negative effects of it on men.


prettycookie - September 15

At first we use the Withdrawal Method. It is the removal of the penis from a woman’s vigana before ejaculation. But it is less effective depending on the male’s self knowledge & self control. Though it’s free & the most common method I do not recommend it still.


£hiza@£hee - September 21

I prefer condom...aside from b eing cheap,it reduces the risk of pregnancy and the chance of catching a sexually transmitted disease if properly used.


liz - October 7

(kate) female condoms? never thought of it... anymore information on this?


sasha - October 7

yes more info please... anyone? curious here bumping for answers...


leah - October 8

it is a polyurethane sheath or pouch that has a flexible ring at each side. if your partner refuses to wear condom, you may be able to use this female condom instead.


megan - October 13

how effective is this? how do we use this thing? do we need to stick it inside the vagina?


Marjourie - October 15

The female condom is the only female-controlled device that helps protect partners from pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and even HIV. This device can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse and are effective when placed prior to intercourse. Play as if with-out it, lubrication can help keep the female condom in place. And it should not be used if your parnter is also wearing a condom. It should only be you wearing the condom or your partner, but not both of you.


samantha - October 16

ahh... so what about after intercourse? do we need to take out it out immediately? what happens when you have left it inside for let's say an hour after intercourse. this happens to a friend.



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