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Expelled IUD's - any chance of success?
13 Replies
Gestalt - September 25

Hi there,

I wanted to find out if anybody can give me any advice on whether I should give up on IUD's or if there is something I could try:

I had my first copper IUD inserted in August '08 and lost it about two months ago. After a lot of hassle about unwanted pregnancy and a termination I had another copper coil inserted which promptly fell out about a week later. Now I'm wondering whether my womb is just not an IUD-friendly place or whether the second one was expelled because I was still bleeding heavily after the termination? Also, would the Mirena make a difference because I wouldn't have any or very light periods?

I just don't want to become pregnant again!!! I've got all the children I ever wanted to have and thought I'd found the most reliable contraceptive...

Thanks for your replies...


dora - October 7

i'm not so sure about IUD's but maybe you're right. maybe it just doesn't work for you.


ashley - October 7

don't you think that the IUD wasn't inserted properly? why don't you ask for your doctor for other alternatives?


ara - October 8

IUD's must be inserted in the middle of your menstrual cycle. because it is when the cervix is the most open to prevent it from wrong insertion.


cheskie - October 13

what happens when the IUD is not inserted properly? aside from getting pregnant, will it cause pain or infection?


megan - October 16

persistent pain and heavy bleeding will occur when the IUD has not been inserted also increases the chance of infection.


samantha - October 24

like what kind of infection megan? is this a serious case?


mindy - October 30

huh? infection? am i missing something here?


hale - November 9

i just had my IUD inserted today.i don't understand why i feel this normal?


megan - November 9

samantha-- like pelvic infection. it's a rare case.


samantha - November 11

it may be a rare case.chances are, it can happen to anyone.still very frightening.


izzy - November 27

hi all! i've heard that IUD is one of the most popular types of birth control. needless to say, i had mine inserted a year ago. i like the fact that i don't need to worry contraceptive on a regular basis. but lately, i feel itchiness inside my private area. is it possible to have infection while on IUD?


jenna - November 27

have it check izzy it might be infection!getting an IUD involves a visit to a clinic once in a while to prevent infections.


kaye - December 19

don't take advantage of the situation. infection on private areas are dangerous. it can be life treathening.



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