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FAB Method???
22 Replies
Norm Z - September 24

Hey, I am considering to use the Fertiliy Based Awareness Method as my birth control. But then iam not so familiar with it yet. Anyone can help me and will elaborate on me the ways on that ???


Ella Mae - September 24

If you want to learn about FAB and use it in a very effective manner, I recommend that you take a course taught by a Certified Awareness Instructor.


Gemma - September 24

Norm Z, a lot of information re FAB is actually available on the internet.


Charlene Jones - September 24

Norm Z, FAB method basically depends on your fertile time each month. I believe you know when your fertile times are. So with "Fertility based awareness" you know when is the time that you can get pregnant so then you avoid having contact with your partner during this timees.


Chloe Jane - September 24

I am using the FAB method too specifically the CRM:Calendar Rhythm Method. What you have to do is you count and record the days in each of your menstrual cycle and predict your fertile days when you could get pregnant.


Ana Liza - September 24

At first you might have difficulties with this method but as you become more familiar with the signs of ovulation and the pattern of your menstrual cycle, you can then plan your sexual activity with your partner to avoid pregnancy.


Jojo V. - September 24

Fertility based is not the birth control method that I recommend. That was what my mom uses before and it resulted to a lot of babies, meaning it was not that effective at all. Birth control pills are better though.


Dolly927 - September 24

thanks guys for all your info. what about the benefits that i could get from using the FAB method? are there side effects like that of using pills?


Norm Z - September 24

Dolly927, so you are interested with FAB too? good to know that there is someone in here I can learn with regarding the FAB method.


Jazzy Jazz - September 24

Hi all!

Amazing but this FAB methods have no health risks or side effects at all. Indeed, they can increase your awareness and understanding of your own body. So not just as birth control but can be use also when you plan to have a baby.


mitch - October 7

benefit is that, you can save money on pills or any other methods. but pregnancy will be at high risk!


ginger - October 7

this method is impossible for a busy housewife like me.aside from that it won't work for someone who is forgetful as me.


sasha - October 8

hmmm... not a good choice for me.this isn't very effective at all!


dora - October 13

FAB is effective depending on age and frequency of intercourse. therefore, self-control is a must.


ara - October 16

bad choice for sexually active. i won't recommend this!


maggie - October 24

this is the method that were using now and i say it's effective.i'm sexually active and it's been a year since i've been using this method.


ara - October 30

so glad to hear that it works for you maggie.what other methods have you tried before FAB?



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