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female condom
28 Replies
jennifer - September 15

havent heard of any women who uses it.. have u?


rihanna - September 15

me either.. i think only a few uses it.. and im not one of them.. not at all.


baby face - September 15

These things is quite difficult for women to wear. Its a lot easier for a guy to just use a condom. Its like your wearing a plastic bag & it doesnt feels good.


dora - October 7

to be honest, it's my first time to hear about this thing... can anybody share information?


megan - October 7

really?! i never imagined somethivng like this would exist. how does it work?


scarlet - October 8

it's not very easy to use and not convenient at all. i don't think this is a safe method at all.


meldz_60 - October 13

well... it prevents you from STI's... this is very useful especially if you're not sure with your partner...


dora - October 16

probably right! but don't you think it is not possible to spill sperms inside?


liz - October 22

the female condom is a thin sheath or pouch worn by a woman during sex. it entirely lines the vagina and helps to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.


Claire D. - October 23

hi jen!u know im very curious about female condom.actually, this is the first time that i heard about this.i just couldn't imagine how this condom be worn.i'm familiar with male condom but this one, i think this is hassle for me.


Ma. Lineth - October 23

i agree with you claire because i saw a video demonstrating how to use the female condom, it's really hassle. So, jen let your partner use the condom.


marissa - October 23

out of curiosity, i bought a female condom yesterday. :)) it really look likes difficult to use. haven't tried it though! hehe...


Jemelma55 - October 24

Female condoms are plastic so people who are allergic to latex can use them.


Shy_KC - October 24

Female condoms for me is easy to use and accessible since you can get them at drug stores and most health clinics.


Ma. Lineth - October 24

We have different idea about female condom.some find it easy some find it's up to you jen to decide whichever you find easy and comfortable to use with.


catherine - October 30

i know it's not very easy to use this thing. one thing that makes me interested is that the capacity of this to prevent std's.


cherry - November 27

does female condom still needs to use along with lubricants? or is it already lubricated like male condoms?



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