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female condom
28 Replies
cherry - November 27

does female condom still needs to use along with lubricants? or is it already lubricated like male condoms?


liz - November 27

it is already lubricated. but you can always choose to use vaginal lubricant if you want to.


marissa - November 27

usually when you buy female condoms it comes with a free extra nonspermicidal lubricant.but if you want more, i suggest you use K-Y JELLY.


cherry - November 27

thanks for the info... anyway, i just wonder if this female comes with different sizes. do you ladies have any idea?


cheskie - November 27

unlike male condom, female condom comes in only one worries it's design to fit everyone. :)


ara - December 4

so which is more effective, female condom or male condom? which do you ladies prefer?


girlie - December 4

male condom is more effective. aside from being inexpensive, it easier to use compared to female condom and has less side effects.


jenna - December 4

for me it doesn't matter whether it's male/female condom as long it protects you from getting pregnant. but the best idea is to always use two forms of contraception such as condoms and BCP for more protection.


rhea - December 4

either of the two will always do. as long as it is always used correctly. most condom failures are because of improper use.


missy - December 9

they both do the same thing so therefore they're both effective and safe. female condoms are hard to use though, other than that, no specific difference.


che-che - December 9

male condoms are more accurate than female. female condoms don't work well as men's. so personally, i prefer male condoms.


kyla - December 19

i prefer to use male condom. i have a friend who got pregnant from using female condom. it's not effective so don't use it.


aira - December 19

female condom is effective if used properly. but since it's not easy to use after all, then i also i prefer to use male condom.



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