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how do i know? :(
23 Replies
hale - November 2

i think you guys need to have a heart to heart talk.have you tried and ask her why she doesn't want to have a baby?


lou, 32 - November 5

You know what?you really have to talk with your wife because you're not getting any younger.You should not waste your time.While you're young, plan to have a baby bec. if your wife gets older she may find difficult to get pregnant or to give birth...Go sherwin and talk it over!Ask her and convinced her.


mother earth - November 5

It is expected that if we get married, we are ready for everything and that includes having a baby.So, don't tell me that she's not ready to have baby yet.Maybe, she has a reason for that, and that's what you're going to do, is to find out why.ASk her and listen to her explanation.Don't hesitate to ask your wife.Communicate with her to stop your suspicions.


JaMaiCa - November 5

Why did she got married if she don't want to have a baby.There are many couples out there longing for a child and unfortunately they have not been blessed.But there is your wife sherwin, refusing to receive the gift of having children.It's really fun to have children.There's a sense of fulfillment especially for her part.


Gardenia - November 5

I Agree with jamaica sherwin..Tell your wife that, there is nothing more thrilling in this world, than having a child that is yours,they really brighten up a household..and if you think that she's lying to you, forget should discuss this issue and persuade her to have a baby.


meldz_60 - November 11

i just wonder sherwin. before you both got married, haven't you two discussed about having baby. i do think this is a big issue. it will be a problem soon if you both won't take actions.


sherwin - November 23

yes we had talked about it before we got married, i mean we have always talked about it. everytime i asked her, she would simply say she doesn't want to have baby and i just laughed about it. i never thought that she was serious about it.


precilla - December 19

hi sherwin! how's it going with your life now? care to update us? it's been a while so i hope everything went well with you and your wife. good luck!



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